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  • Company Profile         Anshan Aquashine Trading Co. Ltd. Aquashine Has a registered capital in excess of 1 million rmd, it is located in Anshan City, Liaoning Province...
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  • Pharmaceutical excipients
    polyethylene glycol series ,PEG 400.PEG 1500,PEG 6000,PEG 4000,soybean oil, polysorbide 80; ethyl oleate; fatty acid glyceride No.36 and No.38 ; crospovidone; sorbitol;maltodextrin; corn starch,paraffin and soybean oil.
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    paracetamol; compound paracetamol DC 90; compound paracetamol DC 96; cefuroxime ester, etc.
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    Finished drugs
    water-soluble compound various vitamins ,freeze-dried powders;vitamin C,vitamin B12 etc.
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